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Sustainable Films for a Sustainable Aeroplane

  • Sustainable Film-making with Purpose

Sustainable Film-making with Purpose

Film-making is hard work and at Floating Harbour, we believe that if something is hard work, it should be worthwhile.

That is why we love making films for ZeroAvia. Their mission to combat the climate emergency matters and we are dedicated to supporting that with impactful storytelling through the films we create for them.

Supporting ZeroAvia's Pioneering Sustainable Flight

Since 2021, Floating Harbour has been proud to work with ZeroAvia providing filming and post-production services as they work to innovate within the aviation industry creating sustainable, hydrogen-electric flight.

ZeroAvia's Vision for Clean Flight

ZeroAvia is a trailblazing company that envisions a future of clean flight by equipping every aircraft with hydrogen-electric powered engines. Their mission involves creating clean propulsion with electric engines, fuel cells and green hydrogen infrastructure - and they have been making epic progress towards that goal. With a passionate team of over 250 employees, ZeroAvia is at the forefront of innovation in sustainable aviation, targeting a 300-mile range in 9-19 seat aircraft by 2025, and expanding to a 700-mile range in 40-80 seat aircraft by 2027.

Shared Values and Commitment to Climate Change Mitigation

One of the main reasons why we are excited by our work with ZeroAvia is that we share common values and a mutual commitment to combating the climate crisis. The work enables us, in a small way, to contribute to their cutting-edge and critical work in a sector that is both a massive emitter of greenhouse gases and, by its very nature, a huge challenge to decarbonise.

The Benefits of a LONG-TERM Relationship.

Through working with ZeroAvia over a long period of time, we have gained in-depth insights into their operations and created a substantial archive of footage documenting their remarkable progress. We put this footage to work for the company, producing regular assets to help drive the company forwards. Briefing in a new film is a straightforward process because we work together all the time. So much so, that we often film content without the need for the client to be on the shoot. We are confident that we can generate the right questions to get the right content, without having to constantly refer back to check we are on message. This makes for efficient film production and streamlined communication.

Film Production for ZeroAvia

ZeroAvia relies on a variety of media assets to elevate their position as leaders in sustainable aviation. Films play a vital role in achieving their objectives, including raising their profile, recruitment of top talent, attracting investment, demonstrating the viability of their solutions, educating the public, influencing policy makers, and improving public perception of new technologies.

Our comprehensive array of services encompasses day-to-day progress filming as well as filming milestone events, staff interviews, films for investor and public audiences, third-party testimonials, live event filming, animation and graphics, on-site filming at multiple locations, high-quality photography, creation of event films and web-banners, as well as provision of media assets for broadcasters, news organisations, and programme-makers.

Whatever content we are producing for ZeroAvia, we are committed to high production values and producing high quality content that aligns with their goals.

Milestone Achievement

Filming the Historic First Flight

Amongst the many films we have made for ZeroAvia to date, one of the most notable and difficult was filming the historic first flight of their retrofitted Dornier 228, propelled by the ZA 600 Engine and their hydrogen-electric drivetrain. This filming demanded meticulous planning, organisation, logistics, and adaptability, especially during airside filming. Through skilled camera work from multiple angles, we successfully conveyed the significance and excitement of this historic achievement. 

Our Commitment to Sustainability and Sustainable Film Production

Commitment to sustainability is fundamental for Floating Harbour, in harmony with ZeroAvia's ethos. We prioritise eco-friendly practices to reduce our environmental impact, such as using electric vehicles for 90 percent of journeys to and from ZeroAvia's main site, charging production equipment with renewable energy using a large solar array on our eco-boat headquarters,, and efficiently mixing essential UK crew with local crew during international filming to minimise emissions. More widely in our working practices we take many measures to reduce our carbon footprint, such as composting toilets at our studios and ultra low water usage.

Beyond ZeroAvia: Scaleable, Sustainable Innovation Documentary for HotDocs

By kind permission of ZeroAvia, we also produced a documentary for HotDocs (supported by SAP). The film is a cinematic documentary that provides insights into the people and philosophies behind ZeroAvia's groundbreaking work, focusing on how passion and engineering can solve humanity's challenges.

Driving Sustainable Aviation with Film

Our work with ZeroAvia exemplifies our shared dedication to addressing the climate crisis. As ZeroAvia pioneers hydrogen-electric flight, Floating Harbour is proud to provide essential media production services and to capture the historic journey towards cleaner aviation.

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We want to be part of the solution in as many ways as we can. Every business in every sector should have climate change mitigation at the heart of their activities. Our goal is to move as much of our work as possible to organisations that are serious about this. If you have a focus on sustainable practices, policies or innovations and we sound like the kind of film and media production partner that can help you, we would love to have a conversation.


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