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Photography Studio in Bristol

Photography Studio in Bristol

Great photography requires the perfect blend of creativity, skill, and the right environment. Floating Harbour offers a well-equipped and easy to work in environment that is perfect for product shots, creative shoots and for portraiture right in the heart of Bristol. Clients love coming to us, it is a relaxing location with plenty of opportunities to take time out in the waterside location whilst also offering a classic blackbox focused and professional workspace. There is plenty of space and if you need something on the day, help is at hand to ensure your shoot runs smoothly.

Dry-hire BYO kit OR Access to Professional Equipment

Many photographers choose to bring their own equipment and there is plenty of space to spread out and vehicle access right to the boat. If you need it though, renting a photography studio in Bristol at Floating Harbour gives you access to professional-grade equipment available at a discounted rate to anyone shooting on site. A studio equipped with high-quality lighting systems, backdrops, props and reflectors can significantly enhance your photography. At Floating Harbour you’ll have everything you need at your disposal for an affordable rental fee.

Controlled Environment

Floating Harbour’s photography studio in Bristol provides you with a controlled environment perfect for uniformity whether you are shooting product shots or professional portraits. 

Space and Flexibility

Our studio is 15.5 metres by 6 metres incorporating a kitchen area and studio. Upstairs, the Bridge Room is 8 metres by 5 metres and works as a perfect green room and make-up area with stunning views, great natural light and an integrated changing area, perfect for fashion photography or anything involving costume changes.

Our standard hours are 0900-1800hrs but we are flexible and can offer a  24/7 service as required. This flexibility is particularly beneficial if you're working on projects with tight deadlines or if you prefer to or need to work in the evenings or at weekends.

Give us a call (0117 929 3679) if you are interested in renting a photographic studio in Bristol. You are very welcome to pop over anytime to have a look and help plan your shoot and we look forward to welcoming you to Floating Harbour.

  • Floating Harbour Studio Space
  • Floating Harbour Studio Space

Photography Studio In Central Bristol

Floating Harbour Studio Space

The Floating Harbour studios are perfectly placed right on the water in central Bristol. Our hold studio is a controlled space perfect for all sorts of photo shoots. The Bridge is perfect as a green room or more natural photo studio. 

Professional lighting and camera equipment is available at a discount for anyone who hires our studios.