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Terms & Conditions


Once your quote has been confirmed, we’ll send you an invoice with the costs you’ve agreed to. You have not secured your date/booking until we have received payment in full. You can, however, pencil dates free of charge. If we receive another request for the dates you have pencilled, you will be notified of the other party’s interest.


In the event of a cancelled booking, we can provide a full refund if it is cancelled 2 weeks in advance or more prior to the hire.

If you wish to cancel 1 week in advance we can provide a 50% refund.

If you wish to cancel within the week of your booking, unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund.

*Bookings may be moved to new dates depending on availability at no extra cost.*


On the day of your booking, if you require any additional equipment (flip charts etc.) we will be happy to provide this subject to availability. You will then be charged for the unpaid additions by invoice following the date of your booking.


Our spaces open at 9am, and closes at 6pm. Clients must be packed and out by 6pm unless otherwise arranged in order to avoid overtime charges.


If you need to set-up before 9am, please let us know in advance in order to factor this into your cost and be able to invoice accordingly. If you stay longer than you were expecting (and paid) to, i.e. a half day turns into a full day, a 6pm finish turns into a 7pm finish, you will be charged overtime costs of £40+VAT per hour.


A member of Floating Harbour’s staff will be present on site at all times (unless previously agreed for weekend bookings) and will be happy to help you with technical assistance with regards to setting up the projector, lights and any other booked in house equipment on arrival. The hire fee does not include a member of staff to work on/assist with your booking further to this.

Additional technical assistance can be booked in advance (subject to availability).


We operate ultra-low water usage, composting toilets in order to reduce our energy usage. We have signs on both of our toilets delineating what function it can handle, i.e. no solid waste in this cubicle, urine only in this cubicle, etc.

Please take the time to inform all users of the space to check which toilet is needed before use. If the wrong toilet is used the toilet will have to be temporarily shut down whilst the filter is changed and the client will be charged £40+VAT for the new filter.

Any damage to equipment or breakages, whether belonging to Floating Harbour or hired in, will be chargeable to the client in full. The cost for any damage/spillage that would require the studio(s) or communal areas to be repainted, repaired or professionally cleaned will be chargeable to the client in full.

Acceptable amounts of general waste resulting from catering and refreshments will be removed by us as part of the booking. Additional waste merchandise, equipment etc. used for the booking must be removed by the client at the end of the booking. Charges will be applied for the removal of any unacceptable waste items left by the client at the end of the booking.


We can usually provide free parking for one vehicle in front of our boat in the yard. This is subject to availability and is not guaranteed as we do not own the car park and very occasionally it does get filled up by other users. Unloading from here will always be fine and typically one space is usually available. We will advise which cars are OK to block in if necessary.

For additional cars there are several NCPs just a few minutes walk away; Prince Street, Redcliffe Parade and Queen Charlotte Street.


Please inform the office if the whole booking party will be going off the boat for any reason (going out for lunch etc.). We will then ensure the external doors are locked whilst the room is unattended.


Clients must have appropriate insurance cover against consequential loss of profit and other risks and must have its own cover against loss damage or theft of equipment owned by the client, hired in or owned by Floating Harbour.

Thanks for reading!

The Floating Harbour team.