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Sustainable Film and Video Production

Sustainable Film and Video Production

Greener Practices in Film Making with Floating Harbour

With the greatest challenge facing our species, planet, and shared ecosystem being climate change, every organisation should place the implementation of a robust environmental policy at the forefront of all activities, ensuring positive contributions and minimal harm.

  • Our Dedication to Sustainable Filmmaking

Our Dedication to Sustainable Filmmaking

Since our inception in 2001, our focus has been on reducing negative impacts in all our production work. With increasing urgency since 2016, we've intensified our commitment to sustainability, conservation, the environment and climate change in all our film production activities.

  • Leadership in Sustainable Film and Video Production

Leadership in Sustainable Film and Video Production

At Floating Harbour, we continuously pursue improvement and have established ourselves as leaders in sustainable film and video production.

Our Commitment

Our dedication to a sustainable future guides our filmmaking approach. Yearly impact assessments and goal setting ensure ongoing reduction and innovation.

Informed Purchasing Decisions

All our purchasing decisions are informed by our commitment to sustainability values, ensuring consistency in our environmental efforts.

Fostering Partnerships for Greener Production

We actively seek collaborations with organisations that share our values or contribute to combating climate change.

Over 50% of our work is now with clients who actively contribute to climate change mitigation and most of our clients have values that are well aligned with ours. We will not work with organisations that don’t have a genuine commitment to improving their impact on the world.

  • Sustainable Transportation Practices for Film and Video Production

Sustainable Transportation Practices for Film and Video Production

We rigorously evaluate travel's impact to minimise consequences. Since 2016, embracing electric vehicles has been a cornerstone of our eco-friendly travel practices. Electric vehicles or public transport constitute 90% of travel to shoots and meetings, and we prioritise virtual meetings and public transport.

  • Eco-Friendly Practices for Filmmaking

Eco-Friendly Practices for Filmmaking

Within our studio, strict recycling policies are enforced to significantly reduce waste. We've embraced refillable water bottles and actively encourage our suppliers to adopt eco-friendly practices.

Eco-Friendly Energy Practices in Filmmaking

In 2023, solar arrays at our eco-boat headquarters significantly reduced energy consumption. Additional insulation and energy-efficient computers reinforce our commitment to sustainable energy practices.

Our Pledge to Net-Zero Emissions in Film and Video Production

We continually enhance practices and policies to reduce our impact and improve our environment. Every action is taken with our environmental impact in mind, and we actively engage with clients to address sustainability concerns.

Advocating for Sustainability in Filmmaking

Our operations advocate sustainability, setting industry benchmarks and welcoming feedback and ideas from all sources to further enhance our impact.

Low Water Usage

Our water conservation efforts result in an annual usage of less than 12 cubic metres

This is less than the average family in the UK uses in one week.

By a long margin, we think this makes us the lowest water user of ANY comparable business.

Composting Toilets

Through on-site waste composting, we've significantly decreased water use over 12 years.

Efficiency Measures

We consistently employ low-energy lighting and timed server power-downs to further enhance our sustainability efforts.

International Projects and Greener Film Production

By combining UK and local teams during international shoots, we effectively reduce emissions and amplify our environmental impact.

  • Goals for Sustainable Filmmaking

Goals for Sustainable Filmmaking

Our ultimate aim is environmental awareness, minimal impact, and a legacy of change within film production and beyond. We don't claim perfection, but we're committed to continual improvements.