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Machine Learning Operations

Machine Learning Operations


This was great fun and lovely to work with Nic Hemley and Thomas Heiser on this machine-learning conference from Bristech.

A last-minute European lockdown meant that Nic had to double both as the formal presenter at the podium, as well as conducting informal interviews at the bar, which he pulled off with aplomb! It was hilarious to see Nic have to hand over to himself! We were delighted the event was a success.

"Richard and his team at Floating Harbour are some of the most hard-working and perfection-oriented videographers / live-mixers / post-production that I have had the pleasure to work with. We run a quite complex online conference and they have never failed to impress with their can-do attitude, refreshing humor, and attention to detail. Recommended for studio video shoots, live broadcasts, and online conferences with high production values." - Nicholas Hemley