Fiilex Q500 (Pair)


    The Q500 leads the revolution in LED Lighting, intense power and control in a form smaller and lighter than previously seen in LEDs. The lighting world just got a lot brighter, and a lot more efficient. This one light replaces both your daylight and tungsten lights, and you can also leave behind your colour correction gels, scrims, and grip gloves.


    • 750W Equivalent Output (Tungsten) - Draw 185W
    • Color Temperature Range 2800-6500K
    • Hue Control ± .25 Magenta / Green
    • High CRI >93 (3000K-5600K)
    • Full Spectrum Light Quality - No Spikes
    • Dimming (100%-5%)
    • Flicker Free at any Frame Rate
    • Single Point Light Source - Adjustable Beam Angle 50° to 27°
    • Solid State Technology - No Bulbs to Replace
    • Does not Emit UV Light/Radiation
    • DMX Control Built-In
    • LCD Display

    2* Fiilex Q500 (For full details of Fiilex Q500, see individual item)

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Twice the light but not twice the price.