Tilta Gravity G2-X


    Tilta GR-V02A (GR-V02-A) Gravity G2X Compact Handheld Angled Gimbal with Safety Case. Please Note: Camera not supplied.
    The Gravity G2X is a compact handheld gimbal system for: mirrorless DSLRs, DSLRs, Smartphones, and GoPros. It has four user modes and is compatible with the TILTA Assistant App via Bluetooth, for greater calibration of features. Two rosettes on the handle allow for the mounting of various accessories to customise your rig with your needs. A 14.8V DC output allows you to power your optional accessories and a 5V Mini USB can power the Nucleus-Nano Motor.

    Also included are the Tilta GR-V01-DH Gravity G Series Dual Pistol Grip Battery Handles. When configured with the Gravity G Series Dual Pistol Grip Battery Handles, an operator can extend the  G2X gimbal body’s operating life with eight fully charged 18650 batteries (4 in each handle). This will give up to 20 hours of power to your gimbal. If used in conjunction with the G2X Battery Pistol Grip Handle, up to 30 hours of runtime can be achieved.


    • 1x G2X Gimbal Body
    • 1x G2X Hard Shell Waterproof Safety Case
    • 1x G1 Hotshoe Support Bracket
    • 1x Multi-Head Screwdriver
    • 1x G1 Baseplate Lens Support
    • 1x G2 and G2X Baseplate with Riser
    • 1x Tilta 18650 Battery Charger
    • 1x G2 and G2X Battery Pistol Grip Handle
    • 2x  Tilta GR-V01-DH Gravity G Series Dual Pistol Grip Battery Handles
    • 4x  Tilta  18650 batteries + 8x  18650 batteries (12 Total)

    Weight: 3.95 lbs (with balancing plate, baseplate with riser, no lens support, no batteries, no camera)

    Height: 48.26cm (top of hot shoe mount to base of balancing plate)
    **Note: Height may vary depending on height of camera.

    Gimbal Body Only:

    • Length/Height: 22.86cm
    • Depth: 16.51cm (gimbal end)

    Handle Only:

    • Length: 7.62cm
    • Depth: 2.54cm

    Balancing Plate Only:

    • Length: 12.7cm
    • Depth: 11.43cm

    Color: Black


    Tilta Gravity G2X: £713.33 excl. VAT and Shipping (CVP Price List as of October 2018)

    Tilta G Series Duel Battery Handles: £143.55 excl. VAT and Shipping (CVP Price List as of October 2018)

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At A Glance

Featuring a 45 degree-angled roll motor, The G2X gives you more room to balance longer camera setups. Ideal for use with the EVA-1 or DLSRs and with a monster battery life for continuous use. A lighweight gimble to up your production values.