Secced Reach Plus 3 CF Carbon Fiber Tripod


    The Secced Reach Plus 3 Kit CF is the carbon fibre version of the Secced Reach Plus 3 kit. It includes a fluid head with ø100 mm integrated ball and a carbon fibre video tripod leg with floor-spreader. It is recommended for portable broadcast camcorders in ENG configuration, up to a load of 15.4 kg / 34 lb.

    The fluid head of the Reach 3 Plus tripod set features a balance adjustment lever device designed to duplicate the available counterbalance steps. The ENG/CF100D tripod included in the kit is a 2-stage carbon fibre tripod, traditional build (top and middle sections are twin-tubed) with standard ø100 mm bowl. It is lightweight and strong with excellent torsional rigidity.

    The torsional rigidity is a measure of a body's resistance to twisting.
    The high torsional rigidity is the most important characteristic of professional video tripods. It determinates how resistant the video tripod is to twisting mechanical influences during pan. The adequate torsional rigidity is essential at recording to achieve smooth camera movements.


    • 2-stage construction with 100mm bowl
    • Lightweight, stable, reliable structure
    • Outstanding torsion rigidity
    • Fast and easy set-up
    • Wide range of height adjustment
    • Most frequently used clamps and knobs are easily handled with gloves
    • User adjustable brake force of the leg-lock
    • Compact transport size

    £790 excl. VAT and Shipping (Camera Kings as listed April 2016)

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Carbon Fibre fluid head Medium weight tripod.