Polecam 12" Wide Head w/ Operator


    This is a great portable jib for getting that money shot and although we don't get it out on every shoot, when we do it earns its keep. 

    This package allows for a skilled operator.

    The Wide Head by Polecam is specially designed for smaller cameras and benefits from full electronic control with pulse encoded Faulhaber motors used for both pan and tilt operations.

    The head uses a 12 bit PID motion controller to regulate the pan and tilt axis via a closed loop configuration meaning you get an extremely accurate and easily controllable head. This head can move up to 30 times slower than previous versions and can also do a full 360ยบ in just 7 seconds.



     1394g / 3.07lb(US)

    Max payload

    3.6kg / 8lb

    Overall height (pivot to base)


    Max load height on cradle

    240mm / 9.45"

    Max load width on cradle

    200mm / 7.87"

    Base plate

    100mm / 3.94" depth

    Slotted centre with two slots either side at 20mm / 0.78" intervals, slot width is 6.5mm / 0.255" 


    - 1x SP Polecam Back End inc Mounting Plate and Battery (PM051)

    - 3x Stiff CarbonFibre Section (Full) - (PM020)

    - 1x SP Saddle Bags (PM032)

    - 1x Wide Head for 2D, 3D, or DSLR Applications (PU050)

    - 1x Joystick (PU009)

    - 1x SP Mains Power Supply (3x XLR) - (PU031)

    - 1x SP Rig Loom (12 Pin Lemo) - (PC046)

    - 1x Lighting Stand (PM 003)

    - 1x Monitor Clamp MK2 (PU015)

    - 1x Tripod Support Cradle (PM002)

    - 1x Accessories Wallet (PU017)

    - 1x Cable Feeder (PU022)

    - 1x Trimmer (PU023)

    - 1x Camera Mounting Screw (PH069)

    - 1x Joystick / Monitor Grommet (PU020)

    - 1x Manual (S1)

    - 1x Foam Insert for Starter Pack/ Plus inc 2 Carbon Fibre (BOX12)

    - 1x Peli 1770 Transit Case - (PE010)

    - 1x PAGV2 Charger (S1) (Optional)

    - 2x PAG L95E Batteries (S1) (Optional)

    - 2x Sandbags (Optional)

Per Day

Per Week

3+ weeks POA

At A Glance

Hire one of our expert operators to take the stress out of getting that perfect jib shot!