Panasonic Lumix 35-100mm f2.8 MFT

  • Overview

    With an ultra-long range of 35–100mm (35mm camera equivalent: 70–200mm) at a high-speed F2.8, this lens lets you softly blur the background for portraits and close-ups. And it delivers high shutter speeds to freeze-frame fast-moving subjects such as action and sports. At the same time, its splash/dust/freeze proof design also makes it durable enough for shooting outdoors, so you can go out in nearly any weather with a splash/dust/freeze proof LUMIX camera and be creative.
    Splash/Dust/Freeze proof.
    Brave the elements in nearly any kind of weather or shooting location. This lens features a splash/dust/freeze proof construction* that is tough enough to withstand even heavy field use. It protects the lens system inside from sand, rain and more, making it perfect for shooting under harsh conditions. Now there is nothing holding you back...

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    £677.66 (ex VAT) 

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