Hillrigs Kliktrak 12.8 Metre


    If you would like to see this fantastic portable yet solid sleeper-based system in action before deciding if it is right for your shoot, drop us a line or give us a call and come down and have a play... 



    Each sleeper, manufactured from hi-grade 40mm x 40mm aluminium box section, supports a rail track gauged at industry standard 62cm (24½").

    Light and very simple to manoeuvre, there is virtually no limit to the track length you can achieve.

    • Specifically designed rail mounts at each end feature the Hillrigs klik-quik™ system, both fast and secure, enabling portability of an entire assembled track up to 5m (16'5") sections.
    • Built-in fluid level vials at each end make levelling simple and quick.
    • Flat silicone rubber feet and height adjustable tilting feet are fitted to each end of the sleeper.

    Anodised in matt black for minimum glare and reflection.


    Manufactured specifically to our own exacting standards (no you can’t have the recipe!) each Ø32mm (1¼") hi-grade aluminium track rail is designed to fit together simply and snugly without slack.

    • Anodised in a tough dull black finish, each 60cm (23½") track rail is strong enough to bear an equalised dolly load of over 70-80kg (154-176 pounds) with minimal deflection ) 0.2mm (0.008") at the unsupported centre point.
    • Our additional EPDM track seals, fitted to each rail, ensure a virtually seamless transition along the track
    • Designed with portability in mind these rails are super strong and lightweight, and are short enough to transport with ease.


    Made from Acetal (POM) our track buffers simply clip into the end of each rail to prevent drive off.


    No need to search around for odd wooden wedges to level your track. Our all-weather, silicone rubber wedges are perfect for levelling up in small increments. Size: 100mm x 65mm x 20mm (4" x 21½" x ¾).


    KlikTrak 12.8 metre track system

    1 Kombidolly 3 legged dolly system

    Hardcase Carry System


    £5570 + VAT (Hillrigs List Price August 2014)

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An award winning Dolly and track system - designed to be quick and easy to use while being ultra poprtable.