Green / Blue Screen Collapsible Background


    Lastolite style large pop-up Green / Blue Chroma screen. We have used this to create a portable studio in minutes - anywhere. Don't worry about excluding light - just add infinite black afterwards. We have even fooled the After Effects guys with the results.

    Warning: Whilst putting this kit up is easy and using it will make you look very professional... you could blow this in a second if you don't practice putting it back in the bag before the shoot. And it won't fit in a car unless it is back in the bag...


    Chroma Green on one Side, Blue on the other.

    1.48 metres wide (effective green / blue 1.44)

    1.98 metres wide  (effective green / blue 1.94)


    £174.00 Ex VAT Plus shipping (WEX Photography October 2018)

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3+ weeks POA

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Pop-up green/blue screen