Fiilex Q500


    The Q500 leads the revolution in LED Lighting, intense power and control in a form smaller and lighter than previously seen in LEDs. The lighting world just got a lot brighter, and a lot more efficient. This one light replaces both your daylight and tungsten lights, and you can also leave behind your color correction gels, scrims, and grip gloves.



    L 12″ x W 12.75″ x H 15″ (with Yoke) 
    305mm X 325mm x 380mm with yoke 
    L 12″x W 9″ x H x 6.75″ without 
    305mm X 230mm x 172mm without


    Weight (Include Yoke)

    12 lbs / 5.5 kg


    Dense Matrix LED

    Thermal Design

    Advanced Vapor Cooling

    Beam Angle

    27°-50° (With Fresnel Lens)

    CCT Range

    2800-6500K Continuous Tuning

    Hue Control

    plus/minus .25 Magenta/Green



    LED Life

    42,000 hrs - (15 Years of average use.)

    Power Consumption

    185W Max / Comparable in Output to 750W Tungsten

    Input Voltage

    AC Power: 100-240 VAC, 50~60Hz, Max 185W

    Input Port

    Detachable Power Con Cable

    DMX Control

    2 XLR ports and 2 RJ45 ports (512 Addresses)

    Temperature Range

    32-104ºF / 0-40º C (over temperature protection)


    Q500 Light Head

    Q500 Barndoor

    5" Glass Fresnel Lens

    20' Power Con Cable

    Cord Tie



    £1555 excl. VAT (B&H List Price April 2016)

Per Day

Per Week

3+ weeks POA

At A Glance

A highly versatile, powerful studio light that you can take on the road whenever necessary