Fiilex P100


    The Fiilex P100 is a 12-watt high-intensity platform that makes the unit one of the highest powered on-camera LED continuous light sources for its size. The P100 is designed for use on-camera and to give the user the option of a hard specular light source that can also be modified as it's counterparts (on -camera panels) only offer multiple sourced "soft light". The 12 watt LED is significantly more output than the industry standard of 3-6 watts, thus giving the user to modify the light to their needs and still receive light output equal to if not greater than their panel designed counterparts.

    Description: P100 (Includes Battery, Battery Charger/ Power Adapter, Cold Shoe Mount) 

    Diffuser not included, optional at £2.00 per day (Ex VAT)


    • Dimming (0%, 10 -100%)
    • Tunable CCT (3000K - 5600K)
    • Adjustable Beam Angle (54° - 30°)
    • High CRI (>92) at any Color Temperature
    • Does not Emit UV Light/Radiation
    • Single Point Dense Matrix LED Light Source
    • Flicker Free at any Frame Rate
    • Single Point Dense Matrix LED Light Source
    • Low Power Consumption and Cool to Touch
    • Compatible with Broadcast Batteries
    • 1 Year Warranty

    £279.98 inc VAT (B&H Price List April 2016)


    Fiilex Diff Cone w/ Ring

    Fiilex P100 - DC Adapter (CDC012-W126V)

    Cold Shoe -- Articulated 1/4" Screw Head

Per Day

Per Week

3+ weeks POA

At A Glance

A small but powerful toplight designed to go on camera.