World Biofuels Markets is the largest and most successful Conference and Exhibition in the biofuels industry. The company behind it, Greenpower Conferences, wanted a full media support package to include an 8-minute promo, a shorter 3-minute promo, branded high-quality stills and on-site film relays.

Our team of 6 went to Rotterdam to cover this major event and shot stills and video throughout, capturing comprehensive coverage. Having studied many films made by others, we wanted to go one better. We took a 12-foot jib to enable flying shots, portable track and consequently captured images that give a perspective not seen elsewhere in these kinds of films.

The promotional films that were created emphasised the scale and success of the event and have been used by Greenpower as a powerful tool for selling subsequent events. Video testimonials from key delegates and major sponsors were included to add weight and authenticity, and a great soundtrack and slick graphics completed the look on a high-end website promo that will have selling power for years to come.

In addition to the video footage, high-res stills were taken on the day, branded with the Greenpower Logo, and sent back to the UK within hours so that Greenpower could update their website as the event was happening. These were also made available to sponsors.