In 2020, we were asked to create two iPad-based business simulation workshops for Network Rail.

The existing programmes were being delivered by FUEL LEARNING, provider of innovative training and our long time partners IMPROMPTU, who offer the highest quality of business role-play services for learning and development available anywhere on the planet.

The programmes involved delegates working through complex narratives as learning exercises and as part of the process, meet actors in role as characters from the scenarios.

One involved dealing with a complex infrastructure build for a fictitious football World Cup, the other was set around a catastrophic rail incident.

Floating Harbour Network Rail Training Video Production Detail 2

Our job was to make the whole thing work in a completely new way by:

  • Adding a media uplift. Bringing scenarios to life by making them real with films, radio pieces, websites and animations
  • Removing all paper from the exercise, with all information being disseminated via a slick and extremely easy to follow web application, with a well thought through UX.
  • Take the logistics away from the facilitator meaning that the need for logistics and people management on the day is minimised leaving the learning expert to focus on where their highest value is added - observing and helping delegates to get the most out of the programme

Floating Harbour Network Rail Training Video Production News

All of this was planned pre-pandemic. So when Covid hit in March, it threw a lot of our plans for filming into question. How would we simulate a railway accident without any access to NR property, or staff, or plant as was the case during the first lockdown? Floating Harbour rose this challenge and we found ways of using film to authentically bring all of these things to life, to help create what has been a highly successful and ongoing suite of porgrammes. None of us realised at the time quite how long remote working would go on for. However the whole concept proved incredibly timely, as the products have transferred seamlessly to a remote learning environment and now work just as well deployed either remotely or face-to-face.

Floating Harbour Network Rail Training Video Production Zoom Call

  • Significantly enriching the programmes and the learning potential
  • Massively improving delegate experience
  • Making staffing requirements super efficient without watering down the learning outcomes at all (in fact it has improved them)

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We believe this is a fantastic way of transforming workshops and training. If you are an organisation who wants to train and develop your staff in innovative, powerful and effective ways get in touch to find out more.