This 26-minute short documentary brings important research surrounding the issues of organ donation in ethnic minority groups to life.

In 2012, Professor Myfanwy Morgan and her team at King’s College London carried out some fascinating research into cultural aspects of end of life care, focusing on factors that impact on organ donation.

Our brief was to bring this to life and create films that are now being used to engage and educate ICU staff as well as other professionals, helping improve awareness and understanding of the issues.

Dr Kevin Fong, well-known as a presenter of programmes such as Horizon and Extreme A&E, gave his support and did a fantastic job in the main documentary, feedback from audiences has been extremely positive. We also created a powerful short drama as part of the package as a vehicle for seeing the learning points in action.

We are very proud of the results which will help to improve the care of patients and their families and ultimately potentially contribute to saving lives in this important area of medicine.