Our objective was to create a film that zoo staff could use for fundraising meetings as well as for fundraising from the general public. On a tight budget, the film needed to communicate the need for giraffe conservation and to motivate potential donors.

The new giraffe house will be part of The Wild Place Project, which is a large second site for Bristol Zoo's conservation work. We collaborated with Peloton Design, who brought the project to us and with whom we have had a long-standing relationship.

The aim of the film is to help raise awareness of a new part of Bristol Zoo: the Giraffe enclosure at The Wild Place Project. Upon consultation with the zoo, it was decided a YouTube-style film, using "found" images, would work well, but we wanted to give it a cleaner and more distinctive look. Working with our long-time collaborators, we used their design and our creative and animation skills to script and put together this short video. The campaign has been a huge success, particularly across social media.

The campaign has recently closed - and the good news is that the new giraffes are due to come to their new home very soon!