We were delighted to help Bristol Museum with this brave and innovative exhibition, which attracted more than 50,000 visitors, making it the second most popular exhibition in the museum's history, after their Banksy exhibition. We produced 9 integral video assets, ranging from edits of Museum-shot interviews to edits of 'found' footage. We also produced all the subtitling for the films as well as time-lapse video and a series of audio edits for their follow up exhibition; a recreation of a Dignitas bedroom: death: is it your right to choose?. The example below, from a diverse collection of films, was a film produced for a projector exhibit.

Death: The Human Experience was about the most universal of experiences that we will encounter.

Hundreds of incredibly diverse objects – from a Ghanaian fantasy coffin to a Victorian mourning dress – revealed captivating stories from cultures across the world, from the earliest human societies to the modern day.

The exhibition encouraged visitors to consider ethical issues, different attitudes towards death and how different cultures have dealt with the end of life.

As a society, we are reluctant to talk about death and dying. This exhibition was about helping to start that conversation.

This exhibition has now finished. However, you can see it on Bristol Museum's online collections search.

Winner of ‘Most Innovative Death Public Engagement Event’ at the Good Funeral Awards 2016.