First-hand testimony is a simple but powerful technique for communicating with audiences and Floating Harbour have a wealth of experience in getting the most out of interviewees.

Talking heads can be traditional off-camera interviews or direct-to-camera pieces. For emotional content, in particular, we have pioneered the use of an eye-direct device, which allows the interviewee to see the interviewer whilst still looking directly at the camera. This is great because it captures all the natural eye movements you would normally see in conversation resulting in a highly authentic, direct connection with the viewer. You can see an example of this style by watching our short, Les Peintures

Whether you are looking at filming a talking head of an expert talking in detail about a subject or a product, capturing powerful first-hand accounts of experiences, or a series of VOX POP testimonials, opinions or comments, Floating Harbour Films have the expertise to ensure you capture the content that matters, with beautiful lighting and perfect sound.