Need to brush up your skills or develop new ones?

We often work with clients who create their media through a mix of outsourcing and in-house production. Whatever level you are at, a session with Floating Harbour can help to ensure that you have the skills you need and save money in the process.

If you need to shoot better content yourself, Floating Harbour can help with hardware, software and creative skills.

Clients Include:

Production Companies who need to have non-technical or junior staff occasionally shoot.

Affiliated creative industries, such as PR companies or design companies who need to develop some in-house capability.

Photographers who want to improve their moving image filming skills.

Equipment Hire:

We also have our own hires department, so if you need equipment, visit our production equipment site or ask us for recommendations. If you are thinking of purchasing your own equipment too, you can get unbiased advice from film-makers - rather than equipment salespeople - as to what will best suit your needs.