Done well, a presenter fronting a programme can be a great way to connect very directly with your audience.

We are experienced in working with all kinds of presenters, from experienced TV professional presenters to people who have never been in front of a camera in their lives. We have filmed presenters for live television, on location, in studios, in front of greenscreen and at the office.

We have the skills to get the best take quickly and the equipment and know how to make the presenter look and sound fantastic.

We carry our own high-end autocue teleprompter, as well as camera stabilisation equipment for impressive shots on the move.

We have a talented pool of varied, experienced presenters as well as good links with agents if a familiar face is what you are looking for.


We can also work with your people, if you want an authentic member of the organisation to front a programme. This is a great way to get your message across clearly and authentically. Whether you are a prospective political candidate, a CEO, Senior Leader, or representing your organisation directly to customers.

We have some great techniques for ensuring that you quickly produce a performance that is confident and inspiring.

We can set your address in a 'real' or a studio location - or we can build a portable studio at your location. We are also great at greenscreen for replacement backgrounds - with no dodgy edges!

We will make you look great and have support devices to ensure you are fluent. We carry a professional autocue teleprompter (so that your words can scroll prominently in front of the lens). We also have a device that puts the director's face in front of the lens so that you are talking to a human being.

Direct address can be a powerful tool. Come with us and we will make sure it is.