LTO6 Backup

The demand for high volume data storage is growing exponentially: Spinning disks are not a long-term solution and Solid State drives are expensive and low capacity. It’s not a case of if your hard drive will fail, it’s a case of when: The average life of a spinning hard drive is just 5 years and a simple knock can wipe out your data in an instant. If you want to protect your data against inevitable drive failures, archiving to LTO is the cheapest and most reliable long term solution.

There are a limited number of providers of LTO backup services and prices are high. At Floating Harbour Studios, we are changing this, by offering a truly cost-effective and future-proofed data archive and backup solution.


1. Organise your data as you want it.

2. Put it on a drive(s) you would like to back up.

3. Give us a copy of your data.

4. We create a fast turnaround LTO backup.

5. You store it somewhere safe and in a different location to your hard drive copy/copies.

6. If you have a problem at any point in the future, simply bring it back to us and we will restore it to a new drive. Alternatively, pop it into any LTO6 compatible machine. (We use the Linear Tape File System which is compatible with all LTO management software.)


- Recovery of failed disks, even when possible, is expensive.

- LTO tapes have a life expectancy quoted as 30+ years (Source: Sony).

- Best practice and often broadcast compliance requires you to store your work as 3 copies, on different forms of media and in different locations. 2 copies should be the absolute minimum.

- Our LTO back up service will actually save you money. Whether you choose to have two or three copies, an LTO copy from us will free up your existing hard drives for new projects.

- Our backups will be fully compatible with any LTO-6 machine. (When LTO 7 and 8 are released, backwards compatibility will mean your data is still secure.)


We believe that you will not find a cheaper LTO Backup service, by a large margin.

1 tape, up to 2.5TB: £175 or less on volume including tape media (This equates to as little as 7 pence/GB including the tape. Our research has found many companies charging several times this - and charging for tapes on top.)

10+ tapes, (up to 25TB): 10% discount

Additional Services: Borrow a drive from us to organise and ship your data to us: FREE if required

RESTORE to HARD DRIVE - £30 / 2.5TB Tape. This can be used for future restorations OR if you want to independently verify your tape at the time of duplication, we can restore a test version of your tape so that you can check your data (this is done automatically by software byte verification otherwise).

TERMS: All we ask is that you bring us 2 copies of your of data on 2 hard drives to avoid potential loss of data.

POSTAL: Send us your copy drive by registered post. We will courier it back to you with the LTO backup for just £15.