Clear, Concise and Budget-friendly Explainer Films

Have you ever thought how effective it would be to captivate your audience for two minutes and by the end of it answer all their questions and be confident they have understood your message?

An explainer video, skilfully crafted with Floating Harbour, can do this for you.

Typically an explainer video should be short, around 2 minutes, and should clearly answer the questions your audience may have.

They can be animated or use filmed video to communicate in a nutshell what your audience wants to know about a PRODUCT, SERVICE, TECHNIQUE, PROCESS or SKILL.

Firstly, everything is driven by the script. You need to understand your audience and drill into any questions they might have, so that you have absolute clarity about what they need to know. If you understand this and write a script that answers any questions or concerns efficiently and accurately, you will have a film that engages your audience and delivers the results you are looking for.

Floating Harbour can help you establish what the content should be, develop concepts, hone the script and execute full video production in a style that reflects the message you are trying to communicate.

Whether you are trying to increase sales or educate and inform, get in touch and we will help you make sure you get your message across.