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Live Stream Webinars

Live Stream Webinars, part of SIFT Media, is the largest independent online community for accounting professionals, providing award-winning content and online engagement. We have been working with the team to help develop their capacity to deliver high-quality live produced assets through their website and as streamed live broadcasts. Our involvement has been helping with the design and development of their new in-house studio and producing large volumes of content including multiple one-off programmes, programmes for clients, and series of broadcasts running every day for up to a week. We thoroughly enjoy working with their team of editors and it has been a great opportunity for us too, to learn with them as we have worked to hone the process and the formats.

If live broadcasts or studio-style 'expert-driven programmes could help your business, talk to us. We can film at your location, a third-party location, at our boat, or even in the lovely SIFT media studio.