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Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting

Film production for the finance sector

For over a decade, Floating Harbour has been a trusted name in the Accounting, Finance, and Fintech sectors, producing a vast array of films that resonate with industry professionals.

Our enduring partnership with Sift Digital and AccountingWeb has resulted in the creation of numerous series, including monthly Accounting Excellence live studio programmes, detailed product reviews, comprehensive coverage of multiple trade events, and the documentation of prestigious awards ceremonies.

In collaboration with AccountingWeb, we have had the privilege of working with industry giants and independently creating impactful films for major players like Xero, Sage, and leading accountancy firms.

Recognising the critical importance of industry expertise, content relevance, and audience understanding, we specialise in crafting targeted, on-message films that precisely align with your goals.

If you operate in the finance, accounting, or fintech sectors and are looking to effectively convey your message, reach out to us. Floating Harbour is your strategic partner for creating compelling narratives that resonate within the industry.