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A person cycles through a field of flowers in the alps


Subject-based, observational and interview-driven documentaries from a sensitive and dedicated team.

Films To Make You Think

Documentary Film Production

Excellent questions are at the heart of a good documentary. Being clear about what questions the documentary is raising or answering is critical. We work to relax subjects to be able to ask the kinds of probing questions that deliver meaningful insights. Or we can make scripted documentaries that present arguments, theories or findings in engaging and thought-provoking ways.These can be over a period of time and edited to capture the essence of your story.

Documentaries From The Heart

Sensitive, Dedicated, Focused Documentary Production

A documentary-maker needs to be brave in capturing the action. We make sure the camera is in the right place at the right time and when it comes to the edit - we create multi-layered films that powerfully communicate the strongest stories.

We have significant experience in creating powerful documentaries.

Documentaries we have produced include:

  • A gritty, atmospheric short following three white-collar novice boxers as they prepare for their moment in the ring
  • A 20-minute expert-led film that explores the reasons behind the low rate of organ donation in ethnic minorities
  • A film that tells the story of a near-fatal event in the middle of the North sea involving a deep sea diver who gets detached from his ship whilst working 95 metres below the surface