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Univeristy Of Birmingham

Univeristy Of Birmingham

  • Floating Harbour Films have provided high-quality video production services for us over many years and across a diverse range of projects. Their team are consummate professionals and always a genuine pleasure to work with.

    Unique to Floating Harbour is their understanding of the educational context, which helps to gel projects where the primary aim is developing the skills of health professionals. Flexible, adaptable, collaborative, creative and skilled, they always add real value and ideas to our projects as well as offering genuine value for money. The medical context requires sensitivity, and they always create a safe, comfortable, respectful working environment where all contributors feel supported.

    They have worked with the ISU across the full range of specialities and have helped us to create a bank of multi-disciplinary and culturally sensitive audio-visual materials that will benefit many learners. Feedback from the facilitators and learners is always excellent, so I have no hesitation in recommending them for any project.

    Professor Connie Wiskin Co-Director, ISU, College of Medical and Dental Sciences