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Everest In The Alps

Everest In The Alps

We created this documentary film working with Adventure in Focus.

Rob Ritchie launched Everest in the Alps to raise awareness of and money for the Brain Tumour Charity. 30 people in 5 teams (including Location, Location, Location’s Phil Spencer), scaled the vertical height of Everest in the Swiss Alps.

Working with Director Tom McShane of Adventure in Focus, Floating Harbour’s Tom Young braved the Alpine version of the Beast from the East and temperatures on a par with those at the summit of Everest itself. Returning to base after the adventure and having thawed out, Tom settled into the post-production and the results capture the event beautifully.

The final result shows the journey of the teams as well as highlighting the scale of the challenge. The film is now being used to help promote Everest in the Alps, which it is set to become a regular event and the 2018 event has raised well over £500,000.

"Shooting in blizzards, whiteouts and temperatures as low as -30, we wanted to capture the highs and the lows throughout. I hadn't banked on the lows being quite so low, though, temperature-wise at least. It was an amazing experience but with freak weather hitting Europe at the time, it was enough of a challenge just trying to press the buttons on the camera!" Tom Young