At Floating Harbour, we like to get our clients where they want to be, to share and add value to their vision and to ensure the journey is as fun, fulfilling and ultimately as productive as possible.

  • Our Journey started a long time ago...

  • 2001 - Conception

    Founder and director of Floating Harbour, Richard da Costa, worked for many years as a freelance actor, writer and director across TV, Film, Theatre, Radio and in corporate markets. In 2001, he teamed up with fellow actor Colin Rote to create Dramatic Solutions, specialising in both live and recorded productions for organisations across a variety of sectors.

  • Refinement - 2005

    With a wealth of experience in working with drama and substantial exposure to Learning and Development arenas, Dramatic Solutions became accomplished at creating films that engaged audiences with content that inspired audiences and enhanced learning.

  • 2011 - Birth of Floating Harbour

    By 2011, the company had grown, with a greater emphasis on production work. We bought a very big, very old, very lovely boat and Floating Harbour Films was created to take on the full array of film work, which had by now also expanded to include other types of films such as brand films, sports films and documentary.

  • Freelancers

    We work with some amazing in-house and external freelance staff and clients. We have developed our storytelling skills, our technical capability and have looked for opportunities to learn new things on every job. At every point, we strive to go above and beyond and exceed expectations.

  • 2017...

    We continue to work to give our clients the best films we possibly can, to operate in true collaboration and to look for ever more opportunities to learn and to create amazing films.

    We have now fully renovated our Dutch barge base from where we run our film productions, as well as production equipment hire, studios, venue space and website development businesses, all under the Floating Harbour brand.

  • ...And Beyond

    Floating Harbour Features has recently been formed as a partnership between Richard da Costa and Alex Parkinson. In co-production with MET Film, we are currently producing our first feature documentary, Last Breath, due for theatrical release in 2019.

Come with us...we'd love you to be part of our journey.