Filming At Altitude

Filming At Altitude

by Rob Saunders Equipment Hire

Our very own Tom Young takes a trip to the Alps and puts the Sony FS7 through its paces in sub-zero temperatures.

Everest In The Alps 2018

In Early 2018 we were approached by a company with an epic idea. To climb the entire height of Everest but in the Alps, all in the name of raising money to fight brain tumours.

6 Teams pushed themselves over four days to climb  8,848 meters. A gruelling task in and of itself, let alone having to do it while filming the whole time!

Within the Swiss resort of Verbier, the group trekked for four days, staying in mountain huts and heading out at 5 AM, all so they could raise over one million pounds for the Brain Tumour Charity. 

In spite of this challenge, the -30 degrees Celcius temperatures, high winds and whipping snow Tom and the FS7 managed to make a truly stunning film as you can see below.

Though the Fs7 is rated able to function in 0 - 40 degrees celcius, Tom used a rain cover to stop the moisture from getting into the camera and freezing there. he also had to be careful when taking the camera in to warm temperatures to make sure that it was done slowly to ensure that no water got into the camera body or the lenses. In spite of the difficulties - Tom had a great time filming and trekking on 11 hour days